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le salate

spacca 5 terre

Pancetta nostrana DOP 100% Italian “salumificio Carretta,” stracciatella pugliese, fresh pesto alla Genovese without garlic, grana padano DOP petals

spacca bergamo

Fresh pasta salamella “salumificio Lorenzi,” grilled peppers, raw crispy Tropea red onion, ketchup and mayonnaise

spacca bgbs2023

Branzi “Latteria di Branzi” cheese, homemade salami from the Bergamo valleys,
extra virgin olive oil from Moniga del Garda

spacca big-bang

High-quality cooked ham, “Valcolatte” mozzarella cheese, caramelized Tropea onions, iceberg lettuce, semi-dried red and yellow tomatoes, mayonnaise

spacca burger

Piedmontese-bred fassona hamburger, cheddar cheese, burger sauce, iceberg lettuce

spacca calabra

Calabrian spicy spianata, Calabrian ‘nduja, buffalo cheese from Campania PDO, cherry tomatoes
red and yellow semidry, iceberg lettuce

spacca classica

High quality cooked ham, “Valcolatte” mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise

spacca crudo

Prosciutto crudo di parma PDO aged 24 months, mozzarella “Valcolatte” cheese

spacca delicata

Tropical shrimp tails in pink sauce, stracciatella
pugliese, cherry tomatoes
red and yellow semidry, iceberg lettuce

spacca estiva

Prosciutto crudo di parma PDO aged 24 months, stracciatella pugliese, confit cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce

spacca hot dog

Grilled pork sausage, cabbage sauerkraut, ketchup,
mayonnaise or mustard (your choice)

spacca light

Roasted turkey breast “Salumificio Coati”, French Brie “Ma Crémière”,
“Valcolatte” mozzarella cheese, grilled zucchini, petals of grana padano PDO

spacca milanese

Milanese breaded cutlet, red and yellow semi-dried tomatoes,
iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise

spacca montagna

Alpenrose speck “salumificio Bombieri,” “Valcolatte” mozzarella cheese, truffled porcini mushrooms, Valcolatte smoked scamorza cheese

spacca mortazza

Mortadella IGP with pistachio “salumificio Palmieri,” Sicilian pistachio pesto, Stracciatella pugliese, pistachio granola

i fritti

“CRUNCHY” potato chips (also gluten-free)
mozzarellas 8 pieces
nuggets 8 pieces
nuggets menu 8 pieces of nuggets, chips and drink
spacca sarda

Roasted porchetta “salumificio Bombieri,” smoked scamorza cheese
“Valcolatte”, caramelized Tropea onions, glaze of balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP, petals of grana padano PDO

spacca tonno

Yellowfin tuna in olive oil, buffalo buffalo DOP from Campania, red and
yellow semidry, misticanza salad, mayonnaise

spacca valtellina

Bresaola della Valtellina IGP, bufala campana DOP, grana padano DOP petals, arugula


spacca greca

PDO feta 100% Greek milk, Greek tzatziki sauce, cherry tomatoes
red and yellow semidry, black olives, iceberg lettuce, mozzarella cheese

spacca vegetariana

Grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant and peppers), mozzarella cheese
“Valcolatte,” petals of grana padano PDO.


spacca hummus

Chickpea hummus, confit cherry tomatoes, Taggiasca olives in
100% Italian EVO oil, caramelized Tropea onions,
misticanza salad

spacca saporita vegan

BIO vegan mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, taggiasca olives in
100% Italian EVO oil, grilled eggplant, iceberg lettuce

spacca veggy

BIO vegan mozzarella cheese, grilled vegetables
(zucchini, eggplant and peppers)


gluten-free dough

Give at least 30min advance notice if possible

whole wheat dough
lactose-free mozzarella
vegan mozzarella


insalata di terra

Mixed salad, Taggiasca olives in 100% Italian EVO oil, PDO feta cheese 100% Greek milk,
grana flakes, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes

insalata di mare

Mixed salad, yellowfin tuna fillet, tropical shrimp tails, buffalo
Campania PDO with 100% Italian buffalo milk, grana cheese, almond slivers


spacca Nutella®

Nutella®, hazelnut crumbs

spacca pistacchio

Pistachio cream, pistachio granola

spacca white

Berries, white chocolate cream, hazelnut crumbs


Nutella® with hazelnut crumbs
pistachio with pistachio grains
white chocolate with dark chocolate chips
trio of tartlets (1 Nutella®, 1 pistachio,1 white chocolate)

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