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The essence of Spacca is rooted in the union of the paths of its founders, brothers Alex and Manuel Lucon. Born in ’82 and ’84, they grew up in Bergamo and have always known what it means to work hard. They owe their father’s Venetian origins and their mother’s Mediterranean soul and love for genuine cuisine.

Their journey in the restaurant world began in their father’s pizzeria: they have always cultivated a passion for pizza, honing their skills over time until they became expert pizza makers.

pioniers of fast casual food in Italy

Alex and Manuel believe in doing things well, and it is from this belief that the idea for Spacca was born: a simple, affordable, yet innovative and quality franchise format.

In just a few years of operation, Spacca has established itself as a pioneer in fast casual food and is now presenting itself to the general public with urban stores with about 60 seats in the heart of the most important Italian cities.

The Spacca company is committed to offering first-rate support to its partners, providing essential tools from the outset to facilitate the management of affiliated outlets:

Geomarketing analysis and specialized location selection assistance:

We will guide you in discovering the perfect store, identifying the best strategic opportunities.

Consultation on venue design, including choice of furniture and necessary modifications:

together we will create a unique and tailored Spacca, respecting the key principles of our format.

Assistance with equipment acquisition:

We will support you at every stage, from managing suppliers to choosing materials.

Professional training:

We will equip you with all the skills you need to get your your business from day one.

Launch marketing support:

We will help you launch your Spacca in the best possible way.

Coaching during startup:

We will provide you with all the support you need to start with confidence in your business.

Assistance in recruitment and selection:

We will help you choose a competent and motivated team that is  critical for the success of your Spacca.

Centralized marketing management:

Leave it to us to generate new clients and increase the visibility of your Spacca, both online and locally.

Provision of coordinated graphics for signs, window decals and uniforms:

We will recreate the authentic Spacca experience in every detail.

Implementation of management software:

We will provide you with a powerful tool for efficient management of your store.

Provision of the first batch of merchandise:

Ensuring that you have all Spacca products available to you from day one.

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