casual food experience

the first
fast casual food 
established in town

Welcome to Spacca, where fast food meets true Italian quality, giving birth to the first Italian fast casual food.
Our proposal combines the convenience of a quick meal with the rich flavors of a 100% artisanal and made in Italy product.

From offering specialty doughs to vegetarian and vegan options to our commitment with compostable packaging, Spacca is the modern, environmentally friendly dining experience.


nel solco della   migliore cucina italiana

Spacca nasce dalla tradizione italiana che si è evoluta in un prodotto mai visto prima, che unisce tradizione e innovazione: Spacca garantisce un pasto pratico e un’esperienza culinaria unica e deliziosa. Grazie all’impasto innovativo, agli ingredienti di qualità e ai suoi due formati, spacca è fatta apposta per soddisfare ogni palato.


Spacca makes an artisanal and surprising product that is the result of a constant search for fresh and new ingredients to offer a truly unique culinary experience.


Spacca is committed every day to respecting the environment and people through responsible choices suitable for a wide audience.

user experience

Spacca offers a sensory journey through Italy through specially selected ingredient mixes, creating a cozy and memorable atmosphere for diners.

we are a teamanimated
by a lot of passion and enthusiasm
of those who love to explore the frontiers of taste